• Trump declaring war on German automakers? Trump administration proposing major tariff increase

      As many readers of BoostAddict have German cars and plan to purchase German cars this is concerning. Then again, you could say German automakers have taken advantage of the US market for some time with one-sided deals favoring them.

      American cars get hit with heavy import taxes in Europe as well as Asian markets. Yet, the US is the largest market for premium automakers of which the Germans have 90% of in the USA.

      This may change. Trump's tough talk has worked out well economically in other areas but who knows what the fallout might be in the US market.

      A German publication may be exaggerating things a bit:

      • The German magazine Wirtschaftswoche said that US President Donald Trump aimed to push German carmakers out of the US and that he wanted Mercedes-Benz cars to stop driving around New York.
      • German carmakers control 90% of the US premium auto market.
      • The Trump administration has opened a trade investigation into whether vehicle imports have damaged the US auto industry.

      Will we get a trade war with Germany over the auto industry? Who knows. What we do know is Trump intends to favor American automakers. Exactly as he should.